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Reach passionate tea drinkers in your regions using the right channels


Provide contactless ordering, give guests a safer way to order and pay.


Reward your loyal customers with discounts, gift cards and special promotions.

Delight your customers
and boost your sales

Provide convenient and safe ordering experience. Understand your customers with data analytics and reward them with loyalty program. Supercharge your businesses.

Digital Ordering

provide contact free in-store or order ahead ordering experience

  • Scan to order, pay and tip
  • QR window posters
  • QR A-Frame
  • QR table stickers / table signs
  • Co-branded
  • Mobile order & pay (App Clips)
  • 24x7 real time customer support

No Waiting Lines

Saving consumers and staffs time is priceless.

Contactless Solution

Marketing & Engagement

Provide starbucks mobile app ordering experience for tea drinkers.

  • User friendly UX
  • Built-in store loyalty rewards program
  • Store gift card
  • Subscription plan
  • Digital wallet
  • CRM
  • Marketing suites
  • Real time customer support

Delight Customers

Build closer relationship with your customers and turn customers to evangelist.

Delight Solution

See your profits grow

Improve your operation efficiency with technologies to reduce cost and increase profit. Every local business is an internet business now.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TPass?

The TPassĀ® app is marketplace ordering app for bubble tea stores. It provides the Starbucks App experiences to tea drinks around the world.

TPass helps local tea stores to provide advanced mobile native ordering solution including virtual menu (scan to order), digital wallet, loyalty program and marketing suite.

What is special about TPass?

TPass helps you to provide the best in-store ordering experience with mobile ordering, rewards program and more advanced marketing tools. Comparing to other online ordering solution, our solution is completely native and we believe that provides the best user experiences.

For example, our virtual menu allows user to order via the latest app clips experience vs the traditional web page. It does not require users to create account and setup payment information etc. It is faster, more secure and more delightful.

How customers use TPass?

Customers can either user TPass marketplace app to order or they can scan the QRCode at your stores to view your menu and order. TPass will process payment, collect tipping and give out rewards etc. These orders will show up in our merchant console in real time so you can handle them properly. TPass also provides 24x7 customer services with real time sms and phone call support.

I am using Doordash/UberEat/Grubhub etc, do I still need TPass?

There are many delivery services that allow customers to order from your stores and delivered. That is essential during current environment.

What TPass does is to help you provide safer, faster and better ordering experience if the customer orders and comes over to pickup by themselves or stop by for an in store dining. We believe it is super important to serve these local loyalty customers better and keep them engaged with rewards, store gift cards and promotion. These group of users will help your business to survive and thrive post Pandemic.

How much does TPass cost?

Our Contactless Solution provides virtual menu for your store. Customers can scan the QRCode to view your menu, order, pay and tip without installing anything. We will provide entire packages and set up for you with one small setup fee. After that, you pay a monthly fixed service fee

We will also promote your stores through our marketplace app (Delight Solution) and for the traffic from there, we will charge a small commission. Talk to us, we are giving out special promotions during this challenging times for local businesses.

How do I get started?

Click Get Started to fill out the form. Our team will reach out to you and get you on board. We will do the menu provision etc for you. You only need to say YES and your store will be live in 24 hours.

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